Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spencer's First Comments

I took the back roads home this evening all the while thinking about our friend DK. I drove by Andover Academy while sharing the sad news with Jim Hackett . Jim shared with me how DK a fellow student at Andover would assign any one whose name he did not know or recall with the generic name Ken . This of course did not stop him from greeting everyone in his baritone voice. Hello Ken !  I stopped in front of Dave's childhood home in Georgetown Ma and recalled our summertime  beers on his back porch with his sister Ruth. He shouldered so much more responsibility at 20 years old then I could ever have imagined.Managing a lumber yard and Hardware store, taking care of the home left to he and his sister by his deceased mother, paying his Brown tuition bills and still finding time to mentor young sophomores like myself. The summer of 1977 seems like yesterday.
           I only have a few friends e-mails on my IPad this evening but will start to gather more from my computer tomorrow when I can access my server in the office. Perhaps Douglas you could set up a blog , where people could share DK memories. I will share any information I receive relevant to services in his honor once they become available.

Most importantly my prayers go out to Linda, Charlie, Owen, Carolyn and his sister Ruth this evening. There will never be anyone more genuine in our life time then David Knights.

Much Love,Spencer


  1. I have such fond Memories of David driving me to my horseback riding lessons in Westport Ma and he would tease me about Linc. Telling me what Linc was upto. Now at this time I think I am a freshman at Wheeler and Linc is a freshman at Brown. So not fair!!!! I also remember David coming to my apt in Boston while I was a nursing student at Boston University and he was telling me how he had met the girl of his dreams (Linda). Oh, I will miss him. He was ever so special. To Linda and David's Children, hold on to the memories. David was ever so special and gave us each great gifts.